HL7 Problem Oriented Health Record : Reducing Clinician Burden

Challenges in accounting for comorbidities in relationship to quality of care and outcomes
References for Comorbidity Indexes

Dr.Sorace's HL7 RCB [ lead: Mr.Gary Dickinson ] presentation relating to comorbidities / multiple chronic conditions
AHRQ Elixhauser Comorbidity Indexes [ECI] Implementation
pubMed Comorbidity Index
University of Manitoba ECI implementation
US Realm
2022 Benefit Year Final HHS Risk Adjustment Model Coefficients
..HHS Risk Adjustment Model Factors & Coefficients methodology [age, rx, comorbidity]
CMS Hierarchical Condition Category [HCC] risk adjusted conversion factor [RAF]
..CMS white paper on risk adjustment methodology
..CMS post acute reporting example HCC > data.cms.gov
..CRS Report: Medicare Part B: Enrollment and Premiums
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - Disease Price Indexes [DPI] with & without Comorbidity
..BLS DPI Methodology 2015
..BLS Comorbidity Data & Graphs
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
..BEA 2000-2018 AHRQ Per Capital Index, Per Case Index, Prevalence Index
Utilization Data [Comorbidity]
Chronic Conditions CMS Data 2008-2nd QTR 2021 [beneficiary utiilization and provider stats]
Analysis by condition count [Comorbidity]
Notes: for MA or experimental plans using [HCC] Risk Adjust Factors [raf]
hcc raf coefficents for each individual is reset annually and raf coefficient values are published yearly by HHS/CMS
Reimbursement ratios are derived from an individual ↑ # hcc raf eligible chronic conditions, ↑ in age factor, ↑ severity of existing conditions, prescriptions [RXC] factor (may ↑ or ↓ or 0),
enrollment duration (may ↑ or 0), or geolocation:county
There are special categories that apply to Infant Risk Adjustment and Child Risk Adjustment

HCC doc references
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